Program Offered.

Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts and Photography)

Symbiosis School Of Photography, aims to train and guide the students in all the major disciplines of photography. A 3 year Degree programme Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts and Photography) has been designed to create a holistic approach to photography instead of just a technical one.


The three year Degree programme Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts and Photography) covers basics of Design, Liberal arts, Advance photography, Industry Internship and finally putting up a strong portfolio that will be a passport to step into the professional world of photography.

First Year


History of Photography
Basics of Digital Photography
Fundamentals of People and Portrait Photography
Digital Photography applications
Social documentary and Photojournalism
Basic Art and Visualization
Basic Postproduction
Communication Theories
Integrated Disaster management


Basic Tabletop Photography
Creative Applications of People and Portrait Photography
Basics of Fashion and Glamour Photography
Sports Photography
Visualization in Photography
Advanced Post Production
Fine art Photography
Service Learning

Second Year


Art Design
Interior and Architectural Photography
Travel and Landscape Photography
Wildlife and Nature Photography
Conceptual Photography
Advanced Fashion and Glamour Photography
Advanced Tabletop photography
Food Photography


Automobile Photography
Factory and Corporate Photography
Digital Printing
Designing softwares and Exhibition Displays
Application of live view of DSLR Cameras
Photo appreciation and Archiving
Introduction to Cultural & India
Creative Writing
Editing and feature writing
Project art design
Global Immersion Program.

Third Year


Project A
Project B
Project C
Innovative Image Development
Creative color concepts
Curation and review

Note: Areas of specializations of the projects

Project A - Professional Social Documentary Photojournalism/ Professional Fine Art Photography/ Commercial Industrial Photography

Project B - Commercial People and Portrait Photography/ Commercial Architectural Photography/ Commercial Fashion and Glamour Photography

Project C - Professional Automobile Photography/ Professional Videography/ Commercial Tabletop and Food Photography


Applications of Creative imaging
Portfolio making
Photography promotions
Learning & creating exhibition displays