Film Making.

Film Making Courses in Pune 

Symbiosis International University is ranked among one of the best Universities for Higher Education. At present, it comprises of 34 institutes imparting education in various disciplines like  Health Sciences, Law, Arts & Commerce, Design, Management, Computers & Information Technology, Media & Communication, among others. It has over 18000+ students, who hail from various states across India and 85+ different countries.

Symbiosis School of Photography (SSP), is an institute designed to impart students with the skills and knowledge they need to  learn the art of making a film and pursue a career in this exciting field. The institute offers a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Photography. 

What is a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Photography?

The Symbiosis School of Photography’s Bachelor of Visual Arts and Photography is a three-year undergraduate course that will train you in various verticals involved in film making. The course is credit-based and is spread across 120 hours of credit. The course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge in the field of commercial & documentary photography and fine art along with other visual art forms like visual effects and digital film making.

What will you learn in this course?

The curriculum of this course has been designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge of film making along with practical training. The curriculum also includes field trips and workshops that help you during project work and give you the required knowledge to produce and prepare short films. 

First Year-

The first year is a foundation year that will begin with an introduction to film making and the principles and practices that constitute this discipline. Furthermore, it will give you basic knowledge of visual art and photography. 

Second Year- 

The second-year will focus on core photography. In this year, you will learn about photography and all significant areas of photography. Furthermore, you will get training in all the vital areas of photography. 

Final Year-

In the final year, you learn two different photography genres. Moreover, you get an opportunity to choose a field of visual art specialisation of your choice between Visual Effects, Digital Film Making and Visual Communication