Program Outcome.

Admission Open B.A (Visual Arts & Photography)

Program Outcome

BA (Visual Arts & Photography) 

PO 1: Plan and execute the creation of photographic imagery following an iterative process of research, ideation, visualization, analysis, production and evaluation.

PO 2: Analyse and complement textual content in photographic assignments.

PO 3: Select the photographic format and process most appropriate to the goals of the project.

PO 4: Use a variety of technologies and processes to capture, manipulate, output, and manage photographic images.

PO 5: Incorporate the knowledge of photography theories, principles and historical practices into the conceptualization and development of effective photographs.

PO 6: Develop visual communication concepts appropriate for specific purposes and audiences (e.g. education/ information, different socio-economic consumer groups).

PO 7: Create imagery which meets the requirements of different media (e.g. print sequential and interactive media) and cross media applications.

PO 8: Integrate pictorial visual concepts with design parameters intended for a variety of social/cultural contexts (e.g. retail displays, galleries).

PO 9: Produce photographic images which reflect critical understanding of contemporary visual culture (e.g. visual communications media, the built environment).

PO 10: Exhibit effective leadership skills when working in multidisciplinary teams.

PO 11: Integrate knowledge of ethical and legal frameworks with effective business practices in dealings with clients, colleagues, suppliers and employees.

PO 12: Exhibit professional attitudes and behaviours including:

  • commitment to a healthy work environment
  • openness to peer critiques
  • acceptance of differing viewpoints
  • willingness to work collaboratively
  • commitment to meeting project due dates
  • willingness to be self-directed