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Kerala study tour

SSP Study Tour to Kerala, 10th to 18th November

Engulfed in anticipation & excitement, SSP embarked on its journey to explore the southern most tip of India - Kerala.

Indapur study tour

SSP Study Tour to Indapur, 4th - 6th August, 2017

In an attempt to encourage team work & collective consciousness among students, SSP took an initiative for a study-tour to Indapur. A city and a municipal council located in the Pune district of Maharashtra, Indapur is known for the huge estates owned by the ancestors of Shivaji Maharaj.

The most striking aspect of Sane Guruji Memorial in Indapur is its proximity to nature and humanity. To learn the art of pottery making in such a setting not only reinvigorates the five senses of a human body but also establishes a bond with Mother Earth.